cycle On is a bike & blog experience

A basic idea behind cycle on is that with a global perspective and
with the new possibilities of digitalization and energy transition

there are also new concepts and ways of living, learning
and defining the impact we’re having on our environment.

cycle On is about traveling emission-free
along these lines of sustainable development.

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We try to tackle and break down the most pressing questions of our global world in a playful, fun and educational way. There are lots of answers out there.

We want to show you these ideas and what they’re about here on this blog
and off-line to every passersby. That there are already lots of green and sustainable initiatives all around our pathways and neighborhoods.

We collaborate with local projects, introduce key topics of sustainable development and share our ideas, tips & knowledge between all of us.

Together we release open information, organize happenings and host pop-up workshops with participative methods and interactive events.

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Let’s explore the world around us and cycle On!

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