Open Source Blueprints for Civilization. Build Yourself.

In our life cycles we can discover a relatively new principle, as you can stumble upon this new blog via the internet, with a program and a digitized device. All these run already with open source code – and thats where our journey begins, because open source is much more than software – this category will be all about the open concept.

„The proprietary economy based on protectionism and competitive waste produces consumerism and is a threat to human creativity, progress, and autonomy. Our value proposition is substitution of factory production with more efficient social production. This involves substitution of proprietary production with open source social production by educating and involving the end user in the production process. This empowers individuals to build skills and to build the world around them, as humanity transitions to more integrated human skill sets than those characteristic of the industrial revolution. Moreover, this paradigm shift introduces the possibility of lifetime design, where users are capable of fixing their own products because they built the products themselves.“


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